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Carhartt Men’s Acrylic Watch Hat A18, Balsam Green, One Size at Amazon Men’s Clothing store

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From the manufacturer

mens hats, winter, beanie


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Style Features

mens hats, beanie mens hats, beanie mens hats, beanie

Rib-Knit Construction

Warm stretchable rib-knit acrylic fabric.

Versatile Design

Versatile design – works with everything.

Carhartt Durability

Classic Carhartt Durability.

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mens hat, beanie


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mens hats, beanie


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A18, watch hat, beanie mens hats, beanie mens hats, beanie mens hat, beanie mens hat, beanie mens hats, beanie
Acrylic Watch Hat Americana Acrylic Watch Hat Acrylic Knit Hat Force Extremes Knit Hat Woodside Hat Malone Hat
Fit One Size Fits All One Size Fits All One Size Fits All One Size Fits All One Size Fits All One Size Fits All
Fabric 100% acrylic, stretchable rib-knit fabric. 100% acrylic, stretchable rib-knit fabric. 100% acrylic, stretchable rib-knit fabric. 50% acrylic, 50% cocona, 37.5% polyester rib-knit. Fast dry technology makes this our fastest-drying gear. 100% acrylic, stretchable waffle-knit fabric. Thinsulate Flex 40g insulation for warmth. 100% acrylic, stretchable rib-knit fabric.
Carhartt Label ✓
Machine Washable ✓
Fast Dry Technology –
Fights Odors –

Specification: Carhartt Men’s Acrylic Watch Hat A18, Balsam Green, One Size at Amazon Men’s Clothing store


One Size


Balsam Green, Black, Black/White, Breen, Bright Orange, Brite Lime, Brite Orange/Heather Grey, Brown, Burlwood, Carhartt Brown, Carhartt Gold, Chili, Coal Heather, Dark Blue, Dark Blue/Navy, Dark Brown, Dark Brown/Sandstone, Dark Cobalt Blue (Closeout), Dark Green, Dark Green/Driftwood, Deep Blue, Deep Wine, Deep Winter White, Glass Blue (Closeout), Heather Grey, Henna/Dark Cedar Marl, Hunter Green/Black, Navy, Olivine/Olive Marl, Port, Red (Closeout), Red/Navy, Steel Blue/Navy Stripe, Tarmac/Black Stripe, Umber, White, Wine, Winter White

10 reviews for Carhartt Men’s Acrylic Watch Hat A18, Balsam Green, One Size at Amazon Men’s Clothing store

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  1. Liam Theis

    I live in New England so I need a good hat from time to time. I have a bigger head so finding a hat that fits is generally an issue. It either fits and looks dumb or doesn’t fit and does protect. This hat is the solution to my troubles.The hat, unlike the A205, will come right over your ears all the way. This will completely cover your ears in a double layer of fabric all around your head. The fold is adjustable so it can be as hipster beanie or tight laced as you please. The tag is easily removed if you so wish. The hat must be hand washed or it will pill and shrink like no one’s business but it clearly says that on the label. Headphones will work over this hat just fine but earbuds will probably hurt as the double fabric will push them into your ears.The hat can be a little tight on the ears, maybe because I have a big head, but it should be noted. The hat retains moisture pretty easily. If you’re inside or it’s warmer than 45F, expect to sweat in this hat a decent amount which will then be trapped in the hat and then make the hat smell. It takes a while to dry. I found with prolonged use that my ears felt a little sore.Pros: Warm hat for cold weather, fully covers ears with double layer, fully adjustable, works with headphones (not earbuds),Cons: Retains moisture, could put pressure on ears which can cause soreness, does not work with earbuds, takes a while to dry, not a great hat for weather above 45FI love this hat, it’s wicked comfortable to wear in the cold and makes life easier.

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  2. Genesis A. Davis

    Because of the reviews warning of Chinese fakes I made sure mine came directly from amazon warehouse. No third party sellers. I received 7 in all different colors, one being a woman’s which I have found to be the same size though maybe not as much excess on top.All tags inside say Dearborn Michigan. All are same material with same size and gold logo tag. All mine seem legit and match the one I purchased locally in store.COLORS:As far as colors go, I agree that the “Gold” is misleading as the picture shows a yellow color where the hat is actually a dark deli mustard color. Still nice but not what I was hoping for. The colbalt is very nice and the women’s raspberry is a very nice color as well. The “brite” yellow and orange are quite neon and eye catching, so much so that the yellow doesn’t photograph well it’s so bright.QUALITY:All of them are excellent quality and thick, my head is toasty even outdoors in the teens. They may be a little too warm as I walked inside for a few and my head started sweating.SIZE:As for sizing, I have a normal sized adult head. These fit without being loose or too snug. I am sensitive to hats or headbands being too tight as it gives me migraines. No issues with this hat. However, my 8 year old with a slightly large head also wears these in adult sizes, as does my 7 year old girl who has a small child head. They fit them as well without being loose at all. These have a lot of stretch to them but don’t seem like they will lose any elasticity either. I opted for adult sizes to make them last them longer and I could borrow when I felt like switching up colors.Overall, I highly recommend Carhartt watch hats for any head size or age (except toddlers or babies, though carhartt makes kid sizes as well) and my teen also approves as apparently they are in style now and celebs are wearing them too. So, fashion, comfort and quality. Win win win.Just make sure you pay attention to the seller and buy from amazon directly

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  3. kellymfxo

    WOW! I did NOT expect to like this item so much!! I have never been someone who could ever pull off a beanie, or so I thought…until I found this hat! I hated all beanies of this style because of that “alien head” look they give you…this one DOESN’T! (since you can fold the hat to your desired thickness). I am buying one in every color!! If you’re hesistant like I was- DON’T BE! This hat is soo comfy this time of year!!Note: the hat was a tad ‘itchy’ the first day of wearing it, but after that, I’ve had no issues! (it’s not itchy as long as you ‘Wear it in’ for a day or two)

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  4. Precise Disarray

    Are all the colors lumped into the same review? I imagine so. I have several Carhartt watch hats. Mens? Womens? They are all the same. I buy whatever color I feel like in the moment. I don’t buy any other brand or style. I usually wear white, pink/wine, or a dark green. The dark green I received is an odd off color. It isn’t green, yet it isn’t quite brown or gray. Depends on the lighting. Barely see green though. I don’t mind, but I was hoping for a dark green- like a forest green. Oh well. For that I won’t take any stars off, however, know that it is a non descript neutral blah color. If boring had a color, this would be it. I love these hats. They are stretchy and long enough to cover my big head (and long thick hair) all the while staying on. They are warm, and the folded parts adds additional warmth to ear area. I wear these inside and out, from fall through to early spring. They do break down a little over the course of the season, but the price is usually reasonable enough to just buy more. I really have no need for any other style of winter hat.

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  5. grant

    Something here looks iffy. I ordered both caps through this Amazon listing, but the gray one shipped from China and has a funny looking logo. Also, it appears to not be as thick.

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  6. Krystal Carden

    Great color, kept me warm in Iceland from hiking windy cliffs to glacier caves to late night aurora borealis hunting. Became my go to beanie for its comfort and cute-factor. My skin is sensitive and doesn’t do well with wool – this is soft and comfortable. It even stayed pretty dry around water spray.

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  7. CE.

    I bought this in charcoal and lost it on a trip, so I bought the exact color again because I missed it so much. Now I’m back to buy it in more colors. It is thick (because it’s a watch cap) but I wear it year round in Dallas or Chicago -as titled, it’s my favorite hat. The fit is snug to the point that I can sling it back without it falling off and it fits over my afro or straight hair the same and doesn’t lose is stretch after washing.

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  8. KccccaseyK

    This is my 2nd purchase of this hat, however, I will tell you why at the end of my review, since this this is supposed to be a review for the item itself and not necessarily just about why I purchased the hat.This Hat would actually be a great warm winter Hat for those SD, ND, MN, WI, NY, PA, etc Type winters.As a Man, this is a great winter Hat that fits great and as expected. It actually exceeded my expectations, especially for the fit and wear & tear you will put it through, as it is a Carhartt. Carhartt means, it was made to be USED and not just worn. Any man will know the difference between wearing something and actually using it.I have about a Medium size to slightly medium-large sized head. Medium because of the shape and size of my head is Medium like anyone else with a medium sized head. However, the large part is because the vertical length of my head is slightly longer. Kind of like your shoe size may really be a size 10, however because you may have wide feet you have to get a size 11 just to accommodate the width, if a size 10W isn’t available.If you’re looking for a Medium sized hat with a little bit of length to it, then this would be the hat to get.Realistically, the hat is slightly a little bigger because of the length and its new. However for a Man, it’s always good to purchase a hat that is slightly bigger than what you presumably need, because you never know what your going to be stuck doing, like a lot of shoveling or out scraping cars when it’s ice cold out and you need that extra part/length of the hat to cuff and cover your ears really well to keep them warm and protected.If you put this hat on all the way w/o cuffing it, and wear/pull it all the way down until there is no more to material to pull down, it will reach to about the base of the head/neck, with still a little slack left over.In terms of long term use and durability, this is also another reason why I love this hat. As it does have slightly a little extra slack to it. Depending on your purpose, occupation or whatever the heck you’ll be doing that you’ll be wearing this hat, it can be adjusted in many different positions.You’ll also more than likely you’ll end up putting it in the wash. When you wash this hat, I highly recommend washing it only with other winter type articles of clothing, or maybe a small load of shirts or sweaters at most. Yes, you could wash it with just a regular full load of laundry or anything else, but I don’t recommend it if you want this hat to last a long time. Like anything else in this life, If you take care of it, it will take care of you. The best way to dry it would either be to throw it in the dryer for 5 minutes at the most and let it hang dry. However, if you want to dry it in the dryer all the way, put it on very light heat for about 10 to 15 minutes, or just let the dryer run on air dry with no heat for about 20 to 30 minutes. If you drive too much, that will get more worn Out and used then if you were wearing and using it yourself, which means it won’t last long.This is my 2nd year purchasing this exact hat, as I still have the 1st hat from last year. Except this time/year, I purchased 2 more from Amazon.The 1st hat was purchased at a retail location. Then I found it online at Amazon for a fraction of the price. I was hesitant at 1st, because the price on Amazon was substantially lower. However, when I received these from Amazon, upon further examination, it was the same exact one that I purchased at retail.I purchased additonally hats because I have a habit of losing them. When you find a product or item that works well, especially a winter hat, it’s a good idea to purchase a few extra ones.If you lose the only one that you have or if you’ve really got some really good use out of the one that you have had for a long time and you know it’s more than likely it’s time for you to throw it out, you know it’s going to be close to impossible to find another one again that works exactly like the one that you had and grown accustom to that you know that works. We all know that all good things come to an end it don’t last forever. Then before you know it, your stuck having to go from store to store (site-to-site) to try to find a hat that fits or is comfortable, especially in the middle of winter when you just lost your hat. To top it off, you can no longer find that same exact hat. I’ve been through that before and it sucks.So in closing this is a very good hat, because of the good comfortable fit, durability, longevity and that It will take good care of you; and especially for the price. You can’t beat the price for the brand that you’re getting which also makes it easier to buy extra hats.If you’re going to buy extra hats, I recommend buying at least 2 or 3 extra or total of 3 or 4 hats. 1 hat for obvious reasons; an extra 1 at home in case you lose 1, 1 extra one for in your car under your seat in case you forget your hat or lose it while you’re out and abou, that way you have an extra one in the car when you need it. Also, 1 hat left at work. The extra hats in the car or at work also serve a great purpose for helping somebody else out that may not have a hat that clearly needs one.

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  9. teenie

    My hubby needed a warm hat for work. He has one of these for home but needed another to leave at work.I went to the local store and found nothing, then knew to come here. I had read all the reviews and figured give this a try and hope for the best. I opened up the package and found by comparing them, they are exactly the same. The older hat is over 20′ years old.This fits his head and keeps him warm while outside in the cold weather. He has been wearing this for over a month at work and has been very satisfied how it keeps his head warm.I feel this is made just as good as the older ones from years ago, something I was not sure of when buying on line. I would like to get him one more to leave in his truck, to have when he needs one while not at work or home, mostly for pumping gas in his truck that seems to take forever to fill.Great hat that is well made and serves the purpose to cover his big head.

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  10. porkchop

    Got this just in time for single digits temps that will be hitting the East coast this January 2018. The weather has been very cold here this winter. I work third shift and of coarse night time is the coldest time. This keeps my bald head warm until the car warms up. I used to always wear ball caps, but they were not cutting it with this colder than normal weather. Best money spent in a good while. Feels soft against my skin and was available in many different colors. The price was right too. Would buy again and maybe might get a different color one soon. I’ll bring out the ball caps in spring, until then this is my heads best friend.

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