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New110V/220V Full Automatic Car Battery Charger Intelligent Pulse Repair Battery Charger 12V/24V Truck Motorcycle Charger

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Intelligent Pulse Repair Battery Charger


1. Input Voltage: 110—230V

2. Output voltage: 12V/24V

3. Current:10A peak for 12V,8A peak for 24V

4. Suitable capacity: 30-120AH

5. Power:160W

6. Frequency: 50-60HZ

7. Length of output wire:65cm

8. Length of input wire:125cm

9.  Dimension: 14*19*7cm

10. Gross weight: 0.9kg

11. Application: best suitable for 40-120AH lead acid batteries(including wet and dry)

 Multiple protections  

   Overheat protection: The charger will close automatically without current output for protective purpose when its temperature is over 105℃, and when the temperature is decreased below about 80℃ or power supply is shut down for 10 minutes, charging process can be resumed.

   Short circuit protection: In case of accidental short circuit, the charger will close automatically without current output, and beep for alarming. Once correctly connected, charging process will be resumed.

   Reverse connection protection: Whenever positive poles and negative poles of the charger and the battery are not connected correctly, the charger will close automatically without current output, and beep for alarming. Once correctly connected, charging process will be resumed.

   Low voltage protection: When single cell voltage is below 1.5V, the charger can not be started up, and beep for alarming. This mechanism is to avoid possible damages caused up by voltage discrepancy between the battery and the charger.




Five-stage charging mode



What this charger can be used for  ?


     As show in the picture


Charging operation    

    Step 1, Examine and make sure rated voltage of battery is conforming to output voltage of charger.

Step 2, Connect correctly the charger and the battery.

Step 3, Examine and make sure mains supply voltage is conforming to input voltage of the charger.

    Step 4, Connect mains supply and the battery, watch to see if the indicator is on and the cooling fan is working when charging.

Step 5, if the charger refuse to work, turn off mains supply immediately and check all the connecting cables between mains supply, the battery and the charger.




   6AH battery ~ 1 – 3 hours        7AH battery ~ 2 – 4 hours
   9AH battery ~ 3 – 5 hours        10AH battery ~ 4 – 6 hours
   20AH battery ~ 5–8 hours        32AH battery ~ 6–10 hours
   36AH battery ~ 8 – 11 hours     45AH battery ~ 9-13 hours
   55AH battery ~ 11–16 hours    60AH battery ~ 13–18 hours
   80AH battery ~ 15–20 hours    105AH battery ~ 16–25 hours
   120AH batteries are more analogous
Troubleshooting :
One: the charger on the battery charging time is only a few minutes, or even shorter time, has shown full power state.
1: Check whether the charger is working because of overcurrent, overtemperature protection, or low voltage protection (there is a non-matching voltage) to see if the cooling fan is working properly.
2: that the battery has no capacity or has been fully charged (recommended to be re-tested after discharge, or use another battery shortage test)
3: It is recommended to try adding a battery replenisher or distilled water.
4: Check the charger output clip and battery column contact is good.
Two: charging the battery when the battery shell heating or charger for a long time still can not show full work.
1: Check whether the battery short circuit phenomenon, resulting in long-term charging voltage can not reach the charger voltage set value.
2: the battery has been leakage phenomenon ≦ 0.3A current.
3: battery production process, material failure, it is recommended to use genuine battery.
4: Please replace the battery with a good re-test.
Three: the charger when charging the normal connection when the buzzer alarm or not working at all.
1: Check the battery voltage is a serious loss of power, resulting in low-voltage charger protection (there is no match voltage).
2: battery long shelved so that the old (belonging to the waste battery) or internal resistance, the battery serious short circuit.
3: Whether the no-load status is still buzzing when the power is connected.
4: it is recommended to replace the battery to re-test.
Special Note:
A: Charger 12V can be charged but connected to 24V battery when also indicated on the 12V indicator, while the 24V indicator does not work.
Charger 12V voltage range of recognition in the 8V-14V, 24V voltage identification range of 18V-29V.
Second: the charger in the battery charge when working, the cooling fan must work properly.
    If you find the cooling fan does not work or damage, overheating can cause damage to the machine or other components, please repair and repair.
Three: charge the battery for a long time (or about to scrapped) or a small capacity battery.
    The charge indicator may not show the charge status (because the shelf life is long or the internal battery of the used battery is large and the demand current is small). The user can turn on the headlamp or motorcycle headlamp for a few minutes, then let the lights turn on (power) while using the charger to charge the battery, and the charge indicator will flash. (The general charge indicator light can be extinguished after the charger trickle float 1-2 hours, the battery has reached the best condition). The above situation occurs, although the charge indicator light does not flicker, as long as the battery is good, the charger is still in the battery with a small current trickle float. The charger will be based on the battery needs a little current when the charging indicator will flash normally.
Questions and Answers:
One: Will you pulse charger with the old core ring coke charger What is the difference?
A: 1: old-fashioned core charger charging voltage is generally high, overcharge will make the battery plate premature sulfate effect of the battery life.
The main phenomenon: the charge over-current charge when the battery liquid serious bubble hot hot characteristics of individual users misunderstanding into the old charger enough.
Adverse phenomenon: the battery charge a serious charge of water
   2: we can only pulse charger easy to operate without manual operation do not need to manually monitor the charging time to achieve constant voltage constant current filled with self-stop charging is completed in the trickle charge state because it is in the state of pulse charge, the battery has some repair The role of design over-current over-voltage over-protection of multiple users to worry about the use of more peace of mind
 Battery performance: a small amount of bubble battery does not heat to reduce the battery water to maximize the battery to maximize the battery life
   3: This product is a new generation of green pulse charger to efficient fast switching power supply based on safe and convenient lightweight and easy to use and other advantages of the dominant market. Charging work conversion efficiency saving 30%! Standby power three times

Specification: New110V/220V Full Automatic Car Battery Charger Intelligent Pulse Repair Battery Charger 12V/24V Truck Motorcycle Charger


Euro power plug, US power plug

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12V car battery charger


24V car battery charger

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Intelligent Pulse Repair Battery charger

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Truck battery Charger

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Motorcycle battery Charger

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car battery charger

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Automatic battery charger

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220V battery charger

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110V battery charger

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Repair Battery Charger

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